About Us

In the summer of 1975 on a trip from Michigan to Montana and back the need for a better type of "throttle cruise control" was brought painfully home. As the hand and wrist fatigue became worse with each passing mile, the initial concept of how to make a better "cruise control" was formed. That fall and winter we set out to turn the initial idea of a motorcycle cruise control into a reality. In order to do so, the cruise control had to meet certain design standards. The unit had to be durable, functional, affordable and easily installed by the rider.

In the spring of 1976 we introduced the riding world to a new concept in motorcycle cruise control, the Vanda-Cruise. The response was immediate. The product reviews from the motorcycle magazines were great. The number of units we sold increased every month as word of the Vanda-Cruise spread.

In 1977 we were awarded the MTA "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE" and a patent for the Vanda-Cruise.

Sound Off Recreational remains the world leader in non-electronic cruise controls with over 1 million units sold in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Sound Off Recreational is still committed to our original idea of making cruise controls that are durable, functional, affordable, and rider-installed. We are constantly improving and expanding our cruise control line. We now offer 8 different models to fit a wide variety of metric and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Sound Off Recreational was not only interested in rider comfort but also rider safety. In the spring of 1978 we introduced the Priority Lites and Priority Plus. These units greatly increased the rear visibility of a motorcycle. They add the functions of running lights and break lights to the stock rear turn signals while not interfering with normal turn signal operations.

The Priority Lites / Priority Plus have become a necessary accessory to many riders. We often hear comments from riders like "I feel naked without my Priority Lites / Priority Plus," or "I won’t leave home with out it". The Priority Lites / Priority Plus is even being used by some Police departments for their motorcycles.

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